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MATLAB Helper is organising its 4th Quiz of the Series and Second to be completely programming based during Christmas 2017. The Quiz will be a Coding Contest and as usual would be bigger than the previous Quizzes and Contests. The participants will have a chance to win various prizes by proving their MATLAB Skills and an opportunity to be part of MATLAB Helper Team.

Details of the ongoing Coding Contest:

What: Programming Problem based on MATLAB
Who: Any Student or Professional who possesses MATLAB Skillset and is Registered with MATLAB Helper.
Where: Online at Quiz.MATLABHelper.com
When: 23rd to 25th December ( Indian Standard Time)
Why: Attractive Prizes, Certificates and Opportunities from MATLAB Helper

  • First Participant with 100% Score will get Echo Dot
  • Two Participants with score of 90-99% will get Gift Card
  • Three Participants with score 75-89% will get MATLAB Helper Merchandise including T-shirts.
  • Four Participants along with above six will get Certificates from MATLAB Helper

If you secure Highest Score in Three Consecutive Contests or Your performance is beyond exceptional, you may get a direct Work Offer from MATLAB Helper!

Contest is Open for All until:


  1. You need to be a Registered User of Quiz.MATLABHelper.com in order to start this Quiz. You can register only using the social media tools available on our Login Prompt. Registrations here are different from MATLABHelper.com for Spam Protection.
  2. This prerequisites quiz will help us, get to know more about you. After the completion of pre-requisites quiz only, you would be able to attempt main coding contest in the next section.
  3. We have not set any time limit for filling these prerequisites questionnaire. However, The Questions are aimed to know about you and hence it should not take more than 2 minutes of your precious time.

If you have completed the prerequisites, you can start the Coding Contest by clicking “Start Quiz” below. The Main Contest can be re-attempted until you are satisfied with your performance. Do refresh the page in case you still have trouble in starting Quiz.

Tip: Start your MATLAB first.

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Rules of the Christmas’17 Coding Contest : 

  1. The Fourth Premium Quiz is happening from 23rd to 25th December 2017 and is completely based on a Programming Task which you will have to complete in order to get rewarded. The questions will test your analytical skills coupled with your knowledge of the  BASIC MATLAB domain. You can refer to our online tutorials or videos to prepare yourselves.
  2. The Contest will be available online from 00:00 on 23rd December till 24:00 on 25th December, Indian Standard Time and you can attempt as per your convenience.
  3. You are allowed to attempt and hence submit your work as many times as you want. Your work will be evaluated by 31st December.  However, You should give your best in the first chance itself if you want to win the First Prize of Echo Dot. Drawing from a popular saying, ‘ The First Impression is the Last Impression’; Here your First Attempt might fetch you a good product.
  4. There will be only one task and you will have 60 minutes to complete your submission. In case you submit code after 60 minutes are over, 10% of your Scores will be deducted from the final marks.
  5. You need to post the Output Video on our Facebook Page and You need to send your code via email to contact@matlabhelper.com with the subject “Xmas’17 Code Submission – <Your Name> | MATLAB Helper” in order for us to review your submission. Failing to do both the mentioned submission task, your attempt may be forfeited.
  6. The Results will be announced in Jan’18. If you have any query, you can always write to us at contact@matlabhelper.com

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